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Case Study: Location Strategy Solves Production Challenges


Business Issue

Talent Solutions used its workforce expertise combined with technology to help a major food processing company determine where to open its next facility.


Talent Solutions leveraged its market intelligence experts and technology platforms to analyze and compare current and future workforce dynamics and market conditions, for potential options across the country that aligned with the client’s key considerations. The team looked at vendors’ geographic footprint and sources of raw materials to minimize logistics costs, as well as markets that had available labor with food production skills, including production workers, production supervisors, maintenance technicians, instrumentation technicians and food processing/packaging labor. The team also analyzed worker fit with specific workforce cultural requirements and the sustainability of workforce supply over time to maximize long-term ROI analysis.

Such a highly tailored assessment would provide the client with comprehensive insight into workforce considerations at the market and occupation level, ranging from supply/demand for each role to competition for talent and sustainability.

The team aggregated nearly 100 unique factors/data points for each market, using proprietary sources and comprehensive data repositories. This enabled them to compare the availability, skills, alignment, and cost of labor in 50 markets—20 in the client’s current home state and 30 outside. It also provided a clear understanding of the markets themselves from a logistics standpoint for their proximity and value to their suppliers and to their existing headquarters. New primary research uncovered highly specific details, such as access to transportation for raw materials and distributing end product, unionization requirements, crime levels, and costs for supporting collaboration across the business.


The client identified a market that had a near-perfect alignment with the their criteria.

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