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Case Study: Flexible Team Meeting Changing Demand

Business Issue

A large retailer with nearly 2,000 stores across North America had plans for continued expansion in a highly competitive retail hiring environment. They required a forward-looking recruiting function that could support its aggressive growth plans. At the same time, the company’s fluctuating seasonal demands and everyday volume hiring created significant near-term challenges. The retailer required a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) provider with nationwide coverage and the ability to deliver on a range of recruiting goals. The partner would also require the capacity to deliver on discrete regional projects and large national initiatives for both hourly and professional workers. 


Talent Solutions designed a flexible program that could respond to the client’s evolving needs. The ondemand, scalable RPO team is made up of recruiters, coordinators and team leaders who are scaled up and down according to the client’s hiring needs. This allows the team to meet real-time demand, ranging from high volume seasonal hiring to management initiatives. The program leverages a nationwide team of recruiting professionals to support the client’s regional structure. As a result, the team can respond quickly to the needs of the 350-400 regional GMs and store managers it supports.

The RPO team can handle every aspect of recruiting and hiring as necessary. For example, Talent Solutions is charged with sourcing, screening, hiring and onboarding for seasonal associates in specified regional locations. In addition to in-store hiring, a key feature of the recruiting effort also involves RPO services for professional roles including sales managers and project specialists.

Finally, the team created an engaged talent pool through Return candidates and loyalty are increased through regular communication between recruiters, candidates and opportunities for seamless seasonal employment. 


Talent Solutions’ RPO team has delivered the following results:

  • Hired over 5,000 sales associates for 10+ projects to support immediate hiring needs.
  • A decentralized model stabilized store recruiting, allowing managers to focus on other priorities.
  • Added a prequalification step to the existing hiring process through RPO services, ensuring that the candidates delivered to the client have the appropriate skill sets and are a good cultural fit. 
  • Expanded the company’s sourcing footprint to identify passive talent that the stores historically were not able to uncover.

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