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Case Study: Attracting Quality Security Personnel

Business Issue

A leading event planning and security services provider needed to fill 200 roles for a major 15-day auto racing event. A large number of skilled access management, security and crowd control workers were needed in a short period of time. At the same time, the roles were physically demanding (requiring many hours of standing), required strict screening and assessments, and offered a rate that was low as compared to permanent openings in the field.

Despite having a robust in-country recruitment infrastructure, the company wasn’t set up to recruit such a large number of workers while addressing the unique challenges associated with such a large event. They needed a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) provider to promote the opportunity, attract qualified candidates and screen applicants as quickly as possible.


ManpowerGroup mobilized an RPO team in Mexico led by a regional manager, a process coordinator and a recruitment specialist. An outreach strategy focused on raising awareness among potential candidates included advertising in targeted areas, a social networking campaign via Facebook and Twitter and outreach through the National Employment System. As candidates became engaged through the outreach, they received consistent information about the opportunity through a systematic communications mechanism.

Because a large number of candidates would need to go through detailed procedures simultaneously, Talent Solutions developed a system to register candidates, deliver and track candidate assessments and store required documentation. With sourcing, recruiting, screening and documentation all coordinated through a single system, the client organization was freed up to focus on training.


The RPO team in Mexico met all established metrics for the project including:

  • Reduced processing time as compared to a typical client project.
  • Captured approximately 500 candidates through the system, with 278 ultimately delivered to the client.
  • Reduced sourcing and infrastructure costs.

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