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Case Study: Industry Knowledge Creates an Edge

Business Issue

A major international financial services company sought to expand its network of retail branches, extend product lines and grow its business through acquisitions in key Mexican markets. Substantial expansion resulted in high-volume, cross-country recruitment requirements that were too great to be addressed by an internal team located solely in Mexico City. In addition, several large competitors created a highly competitive recruiting environment, creating concerns that the talent supply might not meet demand. Finally, the client lacked a structure to adequately forecast business needs. As a result, prior recruiting efforts were frequently accompanied by unrealistic timelines to fill. 


Talent Solutions previously recruited over 80 executive positions for the client in 2008, giving the team an in-depth knowledge of corporate culture and candidate requirements. This experience, combined with knowledge of the financial services sector in Mexico, enabled the team to develop a solution that would give the client an edge in a highly competitive environment. Talent Solutions designed Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) structure that would achieve nationwide coverage in a short timeframe. The team redesigned and merged several recruiting processes that had evolved within various acquired companies, resulting in a streamlined process that was consistent for similar skill sets. The team also helped the client create a common set of job descriptions across all operations.

Talent Solutions then deployed a recruiting team to support the client’s high-volume hiring needs. This consisted of onsite resource support assigned to specific lines of business, supported by a centralized sourcing team. Based on a careful analysis of sourcing channels, the team established targeted programs for each role and market based on historical sourcing success. 


Talent Solutions generated a variety of process improvements and consistently met the client’s targets. For example, the team has:

  • Created a flexible recruitment cost model designed specifically to meet the client’s needs.
  • Implemented active sourcing strategies, to hiring up to established targets at baseline.
  • Consistently met hiring targets, which doubled over time from $100–$200 per month.
  • Created a model that eliminated the client’s need to use other external search agencies.

Based on the team’s success, the client has engaged Talent Solutions to provide ongoing market analyses and consulting to support the company’s workforce and business planning.

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