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Case Study: Leader Development Drives Business Transformation

Business Challenge

A global navigation company undergoing a business transformation needed help identifying and developing the right leaders, and increasing worker retention.

As their business needs evolved, they needed to quickly acquire and onboard diverse talent from rare IT skills to support embedded mobility, to staffing call centers in multiple countries.


The solution focused on both leader development and talent recruiting.

By collaborating with the client to build new competency models, Right Management assessed, and coached over 700 leaders, to accelerate the careers of high potential leaders at all levels of the organization.

The RPO team also leveraged market intelligence and deep expertise to quickly scale up recruiters to source, screen and onboard talent across multiple markets.


The client successfully identified and engaged their leaders, unearthing “hidden gems” as they evaluated their talent, resulting in being named one of the Top 10 companies to work for in their home market.

The company successfully transformed their business focus, supported by a sourcing partner that was “true to their values and culture” while delivering the IT and call center talent they needed. 

Read or download the full case study.