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Case Study: A Better Candidate Experience Pays Off

Business Issue

A global logistics organization faced numerous business challenges staffing its contact centers. For example, the company struggled with a poor employer brand in the local area and vacancy fill rates of just 70 percent. The company’s attrition rate for new hires (within less than 12 months) stood at 70 percent per year. 

The company needed a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partner that could support permanent contact center recruitment while helping to address existing challenges. 


The Talent Solutions' team worked in partnership with the client to develop a structured plan to tackle each of the client’s challenges with the ultimate goal of delivering high quality candidates at a reduced cost. Together, they reviewed the entire recruitment process and implemented a new selection process with a pre-screen, role-play and competency-based interview (CBI). 

The team also introduced Talent Solutions' assessment suite, Evaluate. This included psychometric testing, listening and keying, speed and accuracy of typing, and basic numeracy and literacy skills. 

To get the best results for the client, the team benchmarked top performers in order to set an appropriate pass mark. As a result, the client was assured that all candidates that were placed had the right skills and personal attributes necessary for success. 

 Finally, starting salaries were reviewed against return on investment. As a result, the client concluded that they were able to invest some of the savings made from reduced recruitment costs back into salaries, improving their employer brand and increasing the candidate attraction and retention. 


The RPO team deliver a wide range of qualitative and quantitative successes. Select results include:

  • Cost savings of £872,000 within a six-month period through reduced attrition and recruitment costs and at the same time.
  • 100 percent of all vacancies were filled.
  • As a result of increased starting salaries, a professional recruitment process, and positive candidate experience, the client’s employer brand and awareness improved.
  • Reduced attrition from 70 percent to 14 percent per year
  • Significantly improved quality of recruits as measured by benchmarking against the client’s high performers. 

 Following the continued success of the RPO solution, Talent Solutions was appointed as a primary supplier for the client’s middle management and professional roles.

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