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Case Study: Standardizing a Global Recruiting Solution

Business Issue

A global market leader in enterprise and mobile communications lacked a streamlined, consistent recruitment process across its business. The lack of standardization resulted in a lengthy time-to-fill, compliance risks, and limited visibility into outcomes. A recent acquisition also reinforced the need for an efficient process that enabled the company to ramp up and down as needed based on production demands. 


ManpowerGroup Talent Solutions created a six-month pilot in 2016 that could be implemented in targeted markets and evaluated, refined and further rolled out based on organizational readiness. This included an end-to-end solution for sourcing, recruiting, screening, hiring and onboarding. The solution was designed to provide both recruiter support and onsite coordination with hiring managers and HR leaders to ensure a seamless transition and consistent execution. Recruiters were engaged specifically for their telecom and technology experience, and their ability to recruit a wide range of job roles. The RPO team also provides compliance consulting to address the regulatory needs in different locations. 

 Extensive implementation plans were put into place to create a workflow that clearly defined the new processes and policies. This included policies focused on compliance improvement, as well as a diversity and veteran inclusion hiring plan. The solution also included implementation of a company-wide ATS, as well as online candidate/career platforms to maximize candidate engagement. Once the pilot program proved to be successful, the full program was rolled out across Canada, the United States and Europe. It now addresses the full range of job roles, from entry-level to technical and executive, within the context of an RPO solution that can be scaled up or down as needed. 


The success of the pilot program led to a global rollout that has achieved the following results:

  • The team averages 212 annual hires in the U.S.
  • Average annual hires in Europe is 43.6.
  • A global interview to acceptance ratio of 3:1 or less.
  • Average time-to-fill of 26 days in North America and 54 days in Europe including 31 days for management positions in North America, which is well below target of 60 days.
  • Based on surveys, the hiring manager satisfaction rate is 90 percent.
  • The team has delivered 466 total hires to date. 

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