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Case Study: Global Team Revamps a Contingent Program

Business Issue

One of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies needed a partner to manage its contingent workforce program in Latin America. TAPFIN already operated as a managed service provider (MSP) for this client in other parts of the world. The TAPFIN team was invited to develop a solution to add the Latin American market to existing global initiatives.  

The TAPFIN team’s proposal covered the activities that an incumbent supplier was already carrying out, as well as other aspects that gave the customer greater visibility into its contingent workforce. The client required that TAPFIN match the service levels of the incumbent supplier while maintaining a positive experience for existing workers during the integration of a new supplier. 


The TAPFIN team in Mexico leveraged their expertise to identify a vendor that would be more adequately positioned to meet the client’s needs. The TAPFIN team worked closely with the client to establish expectations for program delivery and outcomes to ensure a clear and transparent transition between vendors without impacting the overall experience of the existing workforce.  
TAPFIN coordinated meetings with the new vendor to educate them on the guidelines and parameters of service to the client as well as the expectations that should be met.

The team also worked with the outgoing vendor to coordinate the delivery and transition plan for workers to the new vendor and implemented the change management plan to ensure a smooth transition period. The program implementation allowed the client to have greater visibility into the requisition and management of contingent staff as well as the controls associated with overall workforce management.


The program implementation gave the client greater visibility into the requisition and management of contingent staff. Select results include:

  • The employee transition was successful, with virtually all workers transitioning to the new vendor’s payroll.
  • Client satisfaction with TAPFIN’s management of both vendors is extremely high.
  • The number of workers under management doubled in the first six months of the program. 
  • Hiring managers have expressed high levels of satisfaction (90 percent) with having onsite TAPFIN support to serve as the main point of contact with the vendor. 

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