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Case Study: Assessing Leaders to Take Them Further

Business Issue

Right Management has successfully partnered with an $8 billion technology organization for the past 17 years. The client wanted to create a program for high potential managers at a global level for several reasons. First, developing a bench of future leaders would ensure that the organization invests in the right candidates who will be able to step up in the most important leadership roles. The company also saw an opportunity to maximize its chances to retain their most promising leaders, by creating an opportunity to learn from peers from other geographies. Finally, they saw value in creating an opportunity to meet with key members of senior leadership, ask questions, and learn about career paths. 


Right Management conducts semiannual Global Leadership Assessment Centers (GLACs) at the client’s headquarters. The three-day program is directed at strong, emerging, high-potential talent, and includes behavior interviews, 360 assessments, Hogan (HDS and HPI) and 180 Surveys, as well as face-to-face live demos and 1:1 coaching. The program is followed by three to four 1:1 coaching sessions to prepare and execute against developmental plans.


The GLAC program has been extremely successful. Results include:

  • High potentials develop strategic, interpersonal and operation agilities to grow the organization.
  • Half of senior leaders participate, with 500 leaders assessed. 

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