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ESeries: Executive Transition Services

Premier quality global transition services, supporting executives as leaders first, from the only provider recognized for our capabilities in developing leaders to improve business performance.

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The impact of technology, political and workforce trends are accelerating the pace of organizational disruption. It is in this rapidly changing dynamic global market that effective leadership from senior executives is needed to drive business performance. Yet in 40% of companies, leaders are unprepared to meet the business issues they will face in the next three to five years. In addition,
the link between company brand and leadership performance is undeniable. Leaders who are not prepared to perform not only impact corporate performance, but can also negatively impact the
company’s brand.

Companies around the globe are looking for executive leaders who have the right experience and skills to lead their organization effectively, while achieving strategic business goals. And, as executives who don’t meet these requirements are transitioned out of the organization, it is important to mitigate risk and support the corporate brand by offering transition services that will ensure those transitioning executives land their next role quickly and successfully.

As companies look to make changes in their executive leadership, those executives who are transitioned out will require targeted leadership development and coaching to ensure they have a deeper understanding of current and future dynamic market environments and the landscape of complexities in which they will need to successfully operate and lead.