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Supporting Employees Through Tough Times: The Case for Outplacement is Stronger Than Ever

With 61% of leaders saying their organizations will likely have layoffs this year,1 employers looking to support their exiting employees should not overlook the power of outplacement. Incorporating outplacement in their plans is critical for the exiting employee, the organization, and society as a whole.

For Exiting Employees:  

Outplacement is an invaluable resource for employees who have been laid off from their job. Individuals benefit from receiving support and guidance as they navigate the career transition process, which can be incredibly overwhelming.

  1. Offer emotional support. Outplacement plus coaching helps employees manage the emotions related to losing their job and shift their energy toward the future instead of looking to the past. Career coaches can help turn an often stressful experience into a positive one by helping the individual chart a new path for their future.
  2. Provide focus and clarity for their job search. Career coaches can help provide clarity on where to start and a tailored action plan that accounts for an individual’s skillset and experience. This helps ensure that they are prepared when it comes time to apply for new jobs or explore other career avenues. It can give them confidence when entering job interviews by providing guidance on crafting resumes and cover letters or helping them prepare for challenging interview questions.
  3. Help individuals land their next great job quicker and at higher pay. Coaches can provide connections to resources that individuals may not have access to on their own, such as networking opportunities or job openings not easily found online. Offering professional guidance on resume building and branding assures that job seekers will be competitively positioned much faster than they would be on their own. Career coaches can even offer advice on how best to negotiate salary offers and other job details once an individual has landed an interview.

For Organizations:

Offering outplacement services and career coaching to employees during a layoff can be incredibly beneficial to a company or organization.

  1. Mitigate additional voluntary turnover by demonstrating care and support for employees. Layoffs affecting 1% of the workforce have led to a 31% increase in voluntary turnover2. Providing outplacement services sends a message that employers care about the welfare of their exiting employees beyond just providing severance packages. This can help maintain morale and loyalty among both current and former employees.
  2. Minimize risk and additional costs by helping employees land their next job quicker. Right Management research shows that our participants across all career levels can land their next job twice as fast as the BLS average. Employers may be able to save money by helping employees find employment quickly, avoiding additional costs related to unemployment taxes.
  3. Attract new talent in the future by creating positive employee experiences for both exiting and retained employees. Companies benefit from positive word-of-mouth and referrals from former employees who have had positive experiences with outplacement programs.

For Society:

Outplacement for exiting employees offers a range of benefits for society that extend beyond just the individual receiving the services and the organization from which they are leaving.

  1. Ensure that individuals find new employment quickly, helping to reduce overall levels of long-term unemployment. When individuals receive outplacement, they can land a new job quicker. This increased speed of employment helps reduce the overall number of people unemployed in the long term, which benefits individuals and creates a positive impact on society.
  2. Promote sustainable economic growth by providing individuals with access to resources otherwise unavailable that increase their ability to compete in the job market. Research has shown that outplacement can increase an individual’s earning power, resulting in increased wages and consumer spending. Additionally, employers benefit from the influx of qualified applicants and reduce their costs associated with turnover and vacancy rates. All of this leads to a stronger local economy with long-term sustainability.

Outplacement offers great value to employees, organizations and society. By providing guidance and support for those who have been laid off from their job, individuals are given the resources they need to successfully pursue new opportunities. Organizations benefit from offering outplacement by improving morale and public opinion, while also exhibiting social responsibility. Finally, society as a whole benefits when companies invest in the future success of its employees.

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2   Harvard Business Review

About the Author

Karel van der Mandele is the SVP of Right Management North America and Jefferson Wells North America. He is a passionate leader who focuses on driving growth, building strong brands, and fostering a high-performing team with a sense of purpose and achievement. Prior to joining Right Management, Karel held leadership roles at Procter & Gamble, Booz & Company, and Kimberly-Clark. Karel has an MBA from Columbia Business School and a master’s degree in Economics from Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

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