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Case Study: Keeping the Best Talent on the Line

Business Issue

A global leader in the field of telecommunications needed a continuous flow of new talent to support its fast-growing operations in Mexico. With an attractive 24-month training program for young IT professionals, the company had a lot to offer new bilingual (English/Spanish) graduates with undergraduate degrees in the fields of telecommunications, information systems, electronics, information and communications technology, and computer science. In addition, those with graduate degrees in engineering were needed for the company’s 18-month program focused on R&D.

With a target to recruit 30 candidates each week, the company needed a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partner with expertise in Mexico’s IT industry and broad coverage across the country.


Talent Solutions took a team-oriented approach to the project, collaborating with the client during outreach and promotional events to attract new talent. The team was supported by one full-time recruiter in Queretaro and two full-time recruiters in Mexico City, all of whom worked onsite within the client’s business.

The client requires an ongoing supply of highly qualified young talent, so the program was designed to raise the profile and awareness of the traineeship programs while maintaining a regular presence on university campuses. This includes job fairs, direct outreach and digital advertising. The team also designed a screening process to enable recruiters to verify a candidate’s skills and background information as well as assess language proficiency in English and Spanish. After candidates are identified, sourced and screened, the recruiting team conducts a round of interviews to refine the applicant pool. Taken together, the components of the RPO solution ensure that successful candidates are prepared to effectively integrate into the company’s working culture from the moment they are hired.


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