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Case Study: Achieving Global Workforce Visibility

Business Issue

After several years of rapid growth, a leading global provider of network technology realized the need for increased visibility into its workforce, including services procurement management (SPM). The client sought a solution that would reduce overall costs of services procurement, maintain the highest level of quality of vendors and subsequent contingent workers, drive price reduction across the vendor base and improve operational efficiencies, and reduce co-employment risks. 


TAPFIN’s solution focused on ensuring all objectives of the program were met while maintaining ongoing success with an existing contingent workforce management program run by TAPFIN. This required particular effort given that the SPM solution sought to optimize the work of 542 SOW contractors per quarter, along with 92 vendors across the United States, Canada and Europe.

The solution included management of the RFx process, development of statements of work with the project manager and the selected vendor, and facilitation of the tracking and completion of fees and milestones management of the entire PO/invoicing/payment process.


The SPM program has helped to streamline the client’s global project work programs with the following results:

  • Improved response times to client requests.
  • Standardization of reports and engagement templates.
  • Consistency in all billing to vendors each Friday.
  • Seamless implementation due to dedicated onsite/offsite management of the program.
  • Improved quality of vendor deliverables.
  • Based on program success, the company plans to expand the scope to further reduce costs while maintaining quality.

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