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Closing the Skills Gap: Know What Workers Want

With growing global talent shortages and skills gaps, companies need to know what workers want in order to find, build and sustain the best talent while others are trying to do the same.

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Attracting and retaining skilled workers has rarely been more challenging as 54% of companies globally report talent shortages – the highest in over a decade. Now in its 13th year, ManpowerGroup’s Talent Shortage survey is the largest of its kind.

New research reveals what attracts and retains workers and how that varies by age, gender and geography. To find, build and sustain the best talent while others are trying to do the same, companies need to know What Workers Want. They need to shift their workforce demands closer to match the needs and desires of in-demand talent and expand the pool from which they source that talent.  

The top ten most in-demand roles in 2019 are trending year over year: 80% of them were also in short supply in 2018.  Find out which ones.

More pay, flexibility and challenging work are non-negotiables to all, but there are additional levers employers pull to attract and retain in-demand and diverse talent. Here are a few interesting findings from the research:

  • 89% of people in the U.S. value additional benefits as much as pay.
  • Only 49% of workers have been assessed, yet 71% say their manager understands their skills.

This report also provides steps an organization can take to attract, engage and retain the best talent by knowing What Workers Want.

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