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Tech 15' Podcast: Finding the Hidden Talent

Becky Frankiewicz, ManpowerGroup’s Chief Commercial Officer, and President, North America, talks to host Emma Crosby about the limitations of traditional filters used to find suitable employees. She explains how companies can widen the range of candidates and build a more diverse tech workforce by broadening the definition of talent.  

We also hear from a social impact company that enables refugees to find skilled work. Theo Scubla, Each One’s Founder and CEO,  believes recruiters need to see different talent as a true value-adding asset. He explains how he trains and re-skills highly motivated refugees for jobs in the tech industry.   

Clarisse Magnin, McKinsey Global Institute’s Managing Partner France, joins Crosby to talk about her passion for diversity and equality in the workforce. Magnin is the first woman to lead McKinsey in France. She discusses her theories on why 50 percent of women leave tech positions before they are 35 years old and explains some of her strategies for retaining them. 

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