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Tech 15' Podcast: Overcoming the Tech Talent Shortage

What are some winning strategies that address the technology skills gap? Host Emma Crosby talks to Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, ManpowerGroup’s Chief Innovation Officer and Francesca Borgonovi, Head of Skills Analysis Team at the OECD Centre for Skills about how to find the right blend of people, processes, and technology.  

Chamorro-Premuzic sets the scene by discussing ‘The New Age of Tech Talent’, a recent report from Experis. The report details how companies are transforming their approach to technology talent specifically to fill the gaps where demand for IT talent outstrips supply. He discusses the scope of the challenge, including the supply/demand imbalance, and the intention to both build from the inside by upskilling, and from the outside by developing bold hiring strategies.   

As head of the Skills Analysis Team at the OECD Centre for Skills, Borgonovi's job is to support countries to develop and implement better skills policies. Francesca talks to Emma about the lack of soft or ‘power’ skills in the tech industry. She explains why they are so important, and how we can use AI to test for these skills and establish best practices to teach them. 

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