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Growing Up Digital: Skills the Next Generation Brings to Work

Growing Up Digital: Skills the Next Generation Brings to Work  

Today’s young workforce brings new skills that can make an immediate impact in their career and in their day to day life.   


Many in the workforce are adapting and learning for the new digital transformation in the economy. But for the Millennial and Gen Z, digital skills to their jobs are part of their jobs from day one.   


Here are ways that youth can harness and make the most of their skills today and in the future in the workforce.  


Test your readiness  

Just how digitally savvy are you? New technology and innovation are changing the future of work, and your DigiQuotient reflects your desire and ability to grow and lead within this ever-changing digital landscape. You can take the test to see if you are ahead of the curve and what you can offer employers.  


Embrace the disruption  

As ManpowerGroup CEO Jonas Prising wrote in a letter to his millennial children, there are a lot of upsides to digital disruption. The changes we see today are only the start. Learnability and the resiliency to adapt to change will be the ways to the future as transformation continues to sweep industries.  


Some jobs will be significantly impacted by automation and robotics, and new jobs will be created in ways that are hard to predict, but what we know for sure is that the ability to adapt and learn will be a skill that will provide employment security for many as the environment changes,” Prising said.  


Prepare for a Long Journey  

Millennials understand the need for continuous skills development to remain employable. That means updating their digital skills not just for today, but for the long term. According to ManpowerGroup research on Millennial careers, 93 percent of millennials want lifelong learning and are willing to spend their own time and/or money on further training. This mindset sees individual jobs as stepping stones to self-improvement, rather than a final destination. Millennials have redefined job security as career security—it’s the journey not the job. 


For today’s youth entering the workforce, digital skills are a given starting point. But they’re also not the end. Even more important is a Learnability to continue developing these skills throughout a career. It will pay off today and throughout the future.