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Fostering Intrapreneurship Inside the Organization

Entrepreneurship inside an organization is essential to meeting the new challenges of today’s changing world. Here’s how to cultivate this mindset.   

Organizations need employees that aren’t complacent in their roles. In today’s world of disruptive change, new ideas need to come from all levels of the organization. For leaders, that means helping foster intrapreneurship – or entrepreneurship inside an organization.   

An entrepreneurial spirit can be possible inside even the largest organizations with the right cultural mindset. Here’s how to create pathways for intrapreneurship.  

Invest in continuous learning   

Investing in ongoing leadership and workforce learning is a key strategy in today’s era of digital transformation as it helps individuals adapt, adjust, and demonstrate competent agility during transformative stages. Read more for additional strategies to accelerate digital maturity.   

Nurture curiosity   

Becoming a lifelong learner – also known as learnability – will feed curiosity and open up possibilities for innovation. There are many opportunities to learn new things both inside and outside the workplace, which will help employees bring your best and most engaging self to work. Here are additional ways to acquire the skills of the future.   

Create mentorship networks   

One of the best ways to build new skills is through mentoring. A mentor can help younger employees identify areas for growth and development and provide a low-stress opportunity to have career conversations. Being a mentor to others can help build leadership skills. Here’s how to help employees find mentors and mentees.   

Seek diverse people and situations   

It’s natural to be attracted to people who are like you, but to cultivate change, organizations need diversity. Extroverts can learn the benefits of silence from introverts. Those established in their career can consider mentoring someone younger. Organizations thrive by getting their workforce into new situations where they can benefit from fresh eyes.   

Banish the “buts”   

Nothing can shut down innovative ideas faster than someone, especially a manager, saying “Yes, but …” It signifies a desire to cling to old ways of doing things. To foster intrapreneurship, banish the “Yes, buts…”   

Like entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship requires a mix of the right personalities and conditions to nurture its development. Learn what it takes to create a culture of innovation inside your organization.