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Case Study: Development Culture Increases Engagement

Business Issue

A leading global chemical manufacturing company with approximately 3,000 employees in technology, manufacturing, operating and sales centers across the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia, contacted Right Management in 2013. Several years prior, the company had been acquired, which resulted in halted development programs. As a result, engagement, productivity and career growth were impacted, and the company needed external support to recreate a development culture. They chose to partner with Right Management to build a comprehensive career development strategy and program.


Right Management partnered with the client’s HR team and other stakeholders to design a program that blended technology with one-on-one coaching and group work for employees, managers and leaders. Key aspects of the program include integrating with the client’s existing development framework, adapting the program to the client’s cultural nuances, and tailoring materials and processes with industry- and company-specific examples and messaging. The manager training includes coaching mangers to conduct effective career development conversations, aligning coaches with employee populations and facilitating career development planning. Coaches are also trained to assess personality preferences, interests, values, skills and work experience and provide ongoing development for managers/employees to sustain learning from the initial programs. 


Following implementation, the client viewed the tailored solution as a natural extension of the company versus an external vendor training program. The partnership continues today, a symbol of the shared success together. In addition, the following key outcomes have been achieved:

  • 1,200 employees have participated in our program, with 75 workshops and coaching sessions globally.
  • Employees and managers are engaged as career coaches, which improved employee self-awareness on individual-to-organization alignment, increased employee engagement at all levels and developed managers to act as career coaches and facilitate career conversations.
  • The program institutionalized career development, implemented continuous career conversations, heightened internal mobility, and satisfied client stakeholders, who rated Right Management 4.9 out of 5.0 on satisfaction score.
  • The partnership between the client and Right Management has now expanded to include analyzing additional ways to measure the initiative’s impact through focus groups on retaining talent, making “ready now” leaders and improving accuracy on hiring/promotion decisions. 

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