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Tech 15' Podcast: Leading With Confidence

How are talent leaders adapting to new ways of working? Host Emma Crosby talks to Becky Frankiewicz, ManpowerGroup Chief Commercial Officer, and President, North America, and Alan Chief People Officer Diane Riviere about how to win in a new workplace reality.  

Frankiewicz discusses how the role of people leader is shifting from being solely focused on delivering results, to embracing the whole human. She calls it the largest transformation in leadership since the Industrial Revolution. Frankiewicz also explains that when it comes to attracting new people, it is crucial that companies present the full employer value proposition, including the ‘culture of humanity’ in the workforce. 

Riviere goes into detail about how the company culture at Alan, a digital health insurance company in France, has helped drive the rapid growth. She explains how Alan’s hierarchy-free organization, which replaces managers with teams, as well as policies such as ‘total transparency’ help gain trust. She tells Crosby how she strives to help people become the best version of themselves in Alan’s unique environment.  

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