How Can I Improve My Job Skills?


How Can I Improve My Job Skills? 

Upskilling and adapting to a fast-changing world of work is the defining challenge of our time. Here’s how you can keep your job skills up to date as the work world evolves.  


Learning and improving your job skills shouldn’t end after you’re hired. Improving your job skills through learnability is a career-long process. Whether you’re looking to learn a new digital tool, pick up transferable skills or hone your soft skills, you can always keep improving. Here are some tips for going above and beyond.  


Visit your library  

One thing successful people have in common: They read. A lot. Whether you crack open a book or listen to an audio version, you can constantly keep learning from the experts in any field. Need somewhere to start? This list will give you books for CEOs, entrepreneurs, history buffs and more.  


Listen to podcasts  

You have access to a huge free professional development library on your phone, which can enrich your commute or other down time. You can listen to through Apple podcasts or any podcast listening app like Stitcher, Spotify or Soundcloud. Search for keywords in your industry to find relevant subject matter, or you can even try your own at developing a podcast to help you become an industry thought leader with free tools like  


Talk with your manager  

Do you know what skills you need to develop? If not, ask. A new employee has a learning journey, and so does someone who has been at the organization for 10 or 20 years. A manager can help employees understand where they are in the learning journey for their career. In the short term and the long run, that benefits everyone.  


Join industry associations  

The best industry associations offer many practical benefits including certification, conferences, webinars, networking events and job boards. Industry associations often commission industry research, so members can keep up with trends that are likely to shape the industry. All these benefits are important to anyone looking for a job. Look into joining a recognized industry association to stay current with your job skills.  


No matter what work you do, continuing education is vital to advancing your career. Employers are looking for candidates with skills and adaptability for this changing environment.  

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