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How Businesses Can Scale Quickly

The impact of the COVID-19 crisis continues to weigh heavily on the global labor market, impacting every industry at a different rate, presenting organizations with critical and often urgent challenges, such as quickly scaling up or down in response to COVID-19 lockdowns, that their existing talent acquisition function is unable to solve in a short, strict timeline. Organizations are responding by pursuing more agile recruiting solutions that will help them better navigate economic uncertainty.  

Here is the step by step implementation process that Talent Solutions uses to help organizations identify the right, agile recruitment solution that complements a company’s existing infrastructure, supplying high quality professionals faster and more effectively than other traditional recruitment models.  

Scope out requirements  

Validate hiring timelines and numbers of key hires. Evaluate what information is already on the table and what further custom research is needed to complete the project. 

Complete market intelligence report  

Complete a market intelligence report on the skill sets available in the desired location and use this data to build the strategy around targeting the desired talent pools. 

Project initiation meeting  

Detail the operating model, delivery team, sourcing strategy and phasing to meet hiring timelines. 

Document project plan 

Ensure detail on the recommended attraction and sourcing strategy with KPIs and the governance surrounding the project. 

Commence project RPO  

The project and the deployed project recruitment team begin recruitment drive, working towards weekly KPIs and SLAs. 

Weekly and monthly review  

Ensure the recruitment plan is on track and meets the necessary hiring timelines. 

Continual strategic adjustments  

Made if necessary, in line with feedback throughout the entire recruitment drive. 

Whether building a new team or hiring hundreds, hiring talent and optimizing resources within a short and strict timeline can be challenging. To help, ManpowerGroup’s Project RPO uses the above strategy to deliver an agile recruiting solution that is cost-efficient and rapidly scalable. To learn more, visit