Combining Workforce Expertise With Technology

As COVID-19 fast-tracks digital workforce transformation, workforce expertise combined with technology can deliver the value companies need to succeed.

The sudden upheaval of society and the economy brought on by COVID-19 means that both employers and employees are scrambling to adjust to the new normal. Companies are forced to squeeze out every efficiency while quickly ushering in new, agile business models--all of which provides a catalyst for businesses to accelerate their digital transformation timelines. 

Leveraging data-driven insights and  technology across all stages of the talent lifecycle is critical for a successful digital workforce transformation and can be a catalyst to help align a company’s talent strategy with its business strategy, helping organizations create faster insight-driven decision making, achieve cost efficiencies and optimize talent planning.

ManpowerGroup’s tech stack, PowerSuite, provides a powerful combination of best-in-class technology for every stage of the HR value chain, enabling clients to connect with and attract diverse talent, deliver a superior candidate/employee experience and nurture a community of talented workers while also allowing organizations to leverage data and people analytics to better predict cycle times, candidate quality and behavior and develop more accurate workforce planning. PowerSuite’s 4 components include:


Deliver a superior candidate experience to attract and source the diverse talent companies need. PowerSuite finds the right talent faster, using tools such as AI-enabled talent sourcing and matching and curation of virtual talent communities. Automating critical processes improves response time, reduces the time-to-fill roles and allows companies to spend more time talking to the right candidates and building relationships while reducing attrition costs from selecting the wrong fit for a role. 


Manage, engage and motivate people while optimizing HR processes from payroll and compliance to employee scheduling and reporting and analytics. The data and insights allow companies to improve processes and create efficiencies while reducing costs through efficiencies, consolidation and better terms with providers.


Engage and develop people through personalized career development that includes coaching, adjacent skill identification and upskilling. PowerSuite helps people learn in-demand skills and provide personalized career development, including career mobility, adjacent skill identification and upskilling. For example, RightCoach provides technology enabled, high-impact situational coaching to help leaders solve problems today while building the skills they need for tomorrow.  


Help people understand their potential and anticipate an organization’s workforce needs using data, analytics and AI that drive predictable performance. Incorporating data and analytics into workforce planning can also foster alignment between business and workforce strategies as well as identifying and mitigating risks. The Total Workforce Index, for example, assesses the relative ease of sourcing, hiring and retaining workforce skills in competing labor markets around the world for both contingent and permanent worker types.

Learn how PowerSuite has helped companies address their most pressing workforce challenges.

In times of uncertainty, having the power of technology, insight and analytics can provide more peace of mind and help companies get back on track and move through digital transformation faster. Find out how prepared your organization is for digital transformation


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