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Skills Revolution Reboot 2021

When skills needs are changing faster than ever, and talent is at a premium, organizations need refreshed talent, and workforce development and upskilling strategies  to attract, develop, engage and retain the best talent in this next phase of the Skills Revolution. 

SKILLS REVOLUTION REBOOT: THE 3Rs - RENEW, RESKILL, REDEPLOY, the latest report in the Skills Revolution series, explores the impact of COVID-19 on digitization and skills and the new future for workers, including:

  • Digitization is speeding up in the global slowdown as companies are accelerating their digitization and automation as a result of the pandemic.
  • The health, economic and social crisis has positioned HR more critically than ever as companies have had to take a #PeopleFirst approach and see HR firmly rooted in their business strategy.
  • The emergence of a K-shaped, two-speed recovery. Some industries and people are bouncing back faster and better – those in growth sectors and with high-demand skills – while others are at risk of falling further behind.
  • How organizations can leverage assessments to measure potential and identify soft skills.

Download the report.

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