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Case Study: Coaching Leaders Ensures Success

Business Issue

A major U.S. insurance company needed a strong, credible, affordable talent management provider. The company operated in a highly competitive market and it needed to establish its employer brand position as it sought to expand to other segments and retain its highly valued culture. Right Management stepped in to help maintain profitability and a good position in a highly competitive market.


Right Management has now provided assessment (Selection and Development) and coaching work to this company for more than five years. The Right Management team has delivered assessment and coaching programs tailored to address specific business challenges at various levels within the organization across five work streams. Work Stream One: Executive Assessments for Selection, using a combination of assessments and debriefs to support the client’s senior hiring.

Work Stream Two: Entry-Level Manager Development to help the client develop entry-level managers with wraparound coaching as part of their internal leadership program. 

Work Stream Three: HiPo Assessments and Coaching for Execs (annual), where services for the client’s executive high potentials are offered on an annual basis. This is also a wraparound coaching model where assessments, feedback and coaching are offered to about 25 executives a year.

Work Stream Four: Functional Senior Leader Development, involving assessments and targeted coaching (three to four months) by function or department. For example, this type of work was carried out for the client’s Marketing and Human Resources departments, followed by a group level talent review that is shared with the sponsor of the department.

Work Stream Five: One-on-One Coaching for Senior Leaders (typically six months) on an as needed basis.


Right Management continues to grow a trusted relationship with the client as their business evolves and hiring managers are increasingly aware of the value of making an accurate hiring decision. Results from the current program include the following:

  • Thousands of new leaders consistently rate coaching as one of the most valuable aspects of the new leader program.
  • The HR sponsor and partners consistently rate Right Management’s support as one of the “best in class” vendor relationships.
  • The HR sponsor and partners value Right Management’s on-time and streamlined processes, and often describe the team as “easy to work with."

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