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Rebekah Kowalski

Rebekah Kowalski is Vice President of Manufacturing Solutions at ManpowerGroup North America, where she develops innovative solutions that help organizations and leaders deal with the implications of both the shortage of rightly skilled workers and the rapid evolution of roles and skills across multiple sectors. Rebekah has extensive experience in working with global clients to architect strategic workforce models that optimize cost, flexibility, and preparedness for emerging needs. She is also passionate about education and the future of work and has served on various boards and committees related to these topics. As a recognized expert in the field of digital manufacturing & design Rebekah led the ManpowerGroup team who worked with MxD to define the evolution of the workforce that will power both digital manufacturing and protect it from cybersecurity threats. She is the author of several articles and reports on workforce trends and challenges, such as America’s Hottest Jobs, The Changing Face of Manufacturing, and Quality’s Bright and Bold Future.