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Transform Your Job Search With Technology

Transform Your Job Search With Technology

It’s smart to diversify a financial portfolio to spread out risk. In the same way, it’s wise to diversify a job search using different technology to cast the widest net. To increase your discoverability, take these steps to maximize your visibility across the digital spectrum.

Spread out your search

ManpowerGroup Solutions identified a group of candidates known as Early HR Technology Adopters who use at least three technologies in their job search. This includes a smartphone app, social media advertisement, virtual job fair, text message, video interview, website chat, game or skills challenge test, or voice search via a virtual assistant. This new group of candidates represents the next wave of applicants who leave no digital rock unturned when searching for a job. Learn more.

Cultivate your digital footprint

What do potential employers see when they Google your name? You can help control your digital image by cultivating results with a blog or online portfolio. Setting up a robust online presence will help to build your reputation and raise your profile. It can showcase your expertise, expand your network and give prospective employers an opportunity to see your work. Here are tips for setting up a blog or online portfolio.

Set up an online resume

Set yourself apart by breaking free of the format everyone else is using and taking advantage of online tools. Fortunately, there are digital resume services that can help tune up a resume for a digital format without any special coding or technical skills. Here is a list of online tools to tailor your resume for the digital age.

Keep LinkedIn up to date

LinkedIn has been around for more than 15 years. As the platform matures and evolves, your profile may be showing signs of needing some updates or makeover to keep up with the times. Here’s how to conduct an audit and update LinkedIn to reflect where you are in your career so potential employers can identify you better.

As with any technology, often the most work is on the front end. Invest time to set up portfolios and keep your social platforms professional and up to date. Once you’ve laid the groundwork, you can expect a higher return from potential employers searching, seeking and finding your skills.