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Skills to Keep Relevant for the Evolving World of Work

Skills to Keep Relevant for the Evolving World of Work

The rules keep changing as digital transformation sweeps the workplace. The pace of disruption is accelerating and it is impacting leaders too.

Today, a combination of personal traits that stay relevant over time and emerging digital skills can help business leaders become the digital leaders of the future. The good news is experience and soft skills can help lead through digital transformation. Here’s how to nurture the right skills to stay current in the workplace.

Nurture timeless soft skills

Certain skills never go out of style even as digital changes impact the rest of the workplace. The powerful combination of brightness, adaptability, endurance and drive are the enablers and solid foundation for effective leaders. These attributes are predictive of future success.

Develop learnability and curiosity

In a world of rapid disruption new skills emerge as fast as others become obsolete. What you know is less important than what you can learn. Digital leaders need to be role models by seeking out different experiences, unusual perspectives and by being open to fresh ideas. Find out your Learnability Quotient.

Acquire digital skills and expertise

Leaders must also have an understanding of the technical skills required to effectively transform their business. They should surround themselves with experts and take time to stay informed of the latest trends, challenges and opportunities facing their organization.

Don’t stand still

Digital transformation is not a one and done. Change is dynamic, so agility and continuous adaptation is essential. Feedback is important to informing what steps leaders should take. Throughout your career, plan to innovate, experiment and learn fast. Tomorrow’s environment is just beginning.

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