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Transition Management Solutions

Comprehensive transition planning, implementation, and analysis to improve business outcomes and employee experiences during workforce reductions.

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Right Management offers the only comprehensive, end-to-end system of solutions designed for the full reduction planning and implementation process. Technology-enabled tools, combined with career management coaching and world-class intelligent outplacement services form Transition Management Solutions from Right Management. The modular design includes options for planning, implementation and document management, as well as a seamless connection to outplacement services for transitioning employees, providing necessary support to your organization and employees through the entire process.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive set of tools for fast, successful planning and implementation
  • Modular design can be implemented as a set or individually as need or budgets require
  • Seamless connection to outplacement services
  • Real-time reporting and analysis on planning performance, UEI savings, and employee utilization and landing rates
  • Expertise from the global leader in outplacement and executive transition services