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RightChoice Outplacement Programs

A fresh, new approach to outplacement is needed as companies grapple with the dual challenges of trying to do what’s right for the company and the employees affected.

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The decision to reduce your company’s workforce is never an easy one. 

You’re faced with the dual challenges of trying to do what’s right for your  company and the employees affected. At the same time you may need to reduce the number of employees in some areas, your company may still need to attract and hire new talent—or reassign current staffers—for other key positions. This can put you in an awkward position, especially in an age when outgoing employees are likely to broadcast their feelings about their transition experience on social media—sites frequented by the same candidates you’re hoping to hire. That makes it all the more critical for you to maintain a positive corporate image by doing everything you can to help outgoing employees feel supported and satisfied with the transition process. If you don’t manage this process well, you risk higher costs, potential lawsuits and a diminished brand image. To top it off, employees have higher expectations when it comes to assistance with their transition. Job seekers are demanding - deeper, more insightful coaching, help differentiating their brand and resume from their competition and direct connections to opportunities.   

Clearly, what’s needed is a fresh approach to outplacement.