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Intelligent Outplacement From Right Management

Our Intelligent Outplacement services focus on what matters most, and are built upon a foundation of capabilities that deliver the best outcomes for our clients and their separated employees.

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At Right Management, we understand that downsizing your organization is hard for everyone involved. Your company offers outplacement services not only to help mitigate financial and legal risks that may come with downsizing, but to also act as an important safety net that supports separated employees and their families, proves your company’s commitment to remaining employees and the surrounding community, and helps
to protect the value of your brand.

Our outplacement services focus on the individual’s unique needs, providing insightful coaching and flexible delivery options that meet them where they are. With direct access to our superior talent network and intelligent technology solutions, users are immediately connected with best-in-class resources, information and support, enabling faster, more successful landings. We call this Intelligent Outplacement.