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The Most In-Demand Skills for the Future of Work

Learning and improving your job skills shouldn’t be static –– especially as workplace skill needs continue to change. Improving your job skills through learnability is a career-long process with new demands in the future of work. Here are skills that are needed more than ever throughout the transformation of work. 

Creative problem-solving  
One of the ways to differentiate yourself is to become the person known for generating the greatest and most creative ideas for problem-solving. This process shouldn’t be viewed as another thing to add to an already over-scheduled day, but as a means to create a competitive advantage. Follow this model for producing ideas to make the creative process more accessible.

Communication skills 
In terms of communications skills, a sense of presence includes how you behave or act, how you articulate needs and how you present yourself in written, video or spoken form.  These are skills that can be learned and developed. Seeking solid skill-building and coaching in personal career management can guide and support leaders in building presence in a way that compels people to follow you, which increases your ability to collaborate and influence.

Collaboration and teamwork
Do you know how well you work with others? To answer this question more objectively, use a resource like SkillsInSight, which provides insight on an individual’s likelihood of success by assessing their likeability as one of three key traits. This measure will show how much a person is friendly, cooperative and rewarding to work with. 

In order to meet new challenges, learnability is necessary. Learnability is the desire and ability to continually learn and grow throughout careers. Ask yourself, when was the last time you read something from an unusual perspective or to learn something new? When have you taken the time to explore a new industry? To keep your learnability skill sharp, take the time to find unfamiliar topics and dig beneath the surface.

People perform at their best when their role is the right fit for their natural capabilities, especially in new and emerging jobs. Assessment is the most valuable way of understanding human potential and matching people to the right role. Taking powerful self-assessments can help you match the skills you have that can be adapted and applied to new types of careers, especially in the rapidly changing digital sectors. For those wishing to move up in their career, soft skills will continue to be critical. Embrace them, and they’ll continue to benefit you throughout a career while the workplace continues to change in the coming months and years.