How Technology Can Improve Human Resources

The digital revolution has impacted all sectors of workplace organizations, including Human Resources. Tomorrow’s HR department will have to be adaptive to technological changes, which will augment its core roles of attracting and developing talent. Here are key methods to using technology to drive improvement in HR.

Identify early HR Tech Adopters

A recent ManpowerGroup Candidate Preferences research identified a new category of candidates called Early HR Tech Adopters—individuals who use three or more technologies in their job search, such as a smartphone app, social media advertisement or virtual job fair. Countries including India, Malaysia and Brazil are hubs for Early HR Tech Adopters, but these early adopters vary significantly by market. If your company is recruiting in an Early HR Tech Adopter hot spot, it’s critical to be on the cutting edge to meet the expectations of the regional talent. Those looking to hire IT workers in Mexico, for example, will need to enhance the high-tech element of their approach to remain relevant.

Verify through technology

When a job seeker turns in a resume, how can HR know that it’s all factual? This is where new Blockchain technology can help verify candidates’ credentials . Blockchain is a set of accurate, verified, and unchangeable information. Each piece of information is an individual block, which, when combined with other blocks, becomes a chain, helping to reduce errors and fraud, eliminate slow paper processes, and create more efficiencies. If HR uses this technology on resumes, a degree or certification could be verified and the process of checking resumes and references could be streamlined and authenticated, leaving recruiters more free to focus on a candidates’ other qualifications.

Provide career development resources

Getting ahead at work today means constant learning and developing, not simply doing the same job repeatedly. For Human Resources, that means providing a work culture that invests in employees’ careers. A key element of that is providing resources for growth, including digital tools that are easily accessible to the digital natives of the younger workforce. As we move deeper into the Skills Revolution era, it will become increasingly important for HR to be on the forefront of technology. Transforming this department today will pay off in the future.

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