More Than a Passport: The Journey of Globalizing Managed Service Programs

The number of companies interested in globalizing their managed service programs (MSP) has increased dramatically in recent years. Growth-related influences such as expansion plans and merger  and acquisition (M&A) activity are driving companies to broaden their workforce strategy footprints. Likewise, many companies are looking to optimize their operational functions through increased visibility and the deployment of cost savings initiatives throughout their organization. 
Striving for growth and efficiency are not novel concepts.

The new dynamic at play is the convergence of these concepts with the key enablers of MSP globalization—namely, the maturity of MSP across global regions and the ability of vendor management technology to be configured across geographies. These high-stakes developments have financial, regulatory, human resources and reputational considerations. As MSP markets mature, providers with global capabilities are becoming better equipped to create flexible service delivery solutions that meet the needs of today’s organizations. 

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