Total Workforce Index Report 2019

As rapid digitization transforms industries faster than ever before, organizations need to ensure their workforce and business strategies work in tandem and can no longer make business decisions and investments without understanding the implications to the workforce. The development of an HR-driven workforce strategy as secondary support to a business strategy is a thing of the past. Companies must have the right skills to maximize their investments— whether in technology, real estate or go-to-market efforts. 

The Total Workforce Index™ is the only index of its kind that analyzes over 100 factors across 76 markets for a comprehensive and comparative view of four key factors: Workforce Availability, Cost Efficiency, Workforce Productivity and Regulation.

Just as the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) ofa market is used as an economic indicator for measuring the size of an economy and how it’s performing, the Total Workforce Index™ may be used as an indicator of workforce potential. Total Workforce Index™ rankings provide important perspectives and insights that can influence organizations’ short- and long-term workforce planning strategies. The rankings help to address critical planning questions, such as:

• Where are the best locations to find workers with the skills needed as technology advances?
• Which markets are best suited for automation?
• What factors should organizations consider as they choose a new call center location?
• How can TWI enable organizations to plan workforce mix by city, province, state and/or country?
• What is the impact of shifting regulations and changing wages in a specific location? 
• Where will flexible work schedules have the greatest impact?

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