Small World, Big Differences: Regional Perspectives on MSP

Multinational companies face various challenges as they seek to manage workforces across the globe. As organizations expand, relocate or seek new efficiencies, many look to Managed Service Provider (MSP) programs to help address their needs within different regions. This can be an  effective strategy as the right MSP providers will have extensive market knowledge, an understanding of cultural and regulatory landscape and  on-the-ground presence. 

Regions are not homogenous, however. Changing demographics, regulatory considerations, and uncertain economic and geopolitical environments impact the ability of MSPs to successfully deploy programs in a market. MSP providers and their customers must understand the unique regional and country dynamics at play and their impact on MSP implementations and expected returns.

This paper looks at the context for MSP in the Asia-Pacific, EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), North America and Latin America regions. It is intended to provide a snapshot of the major dynamics at play in each region and their influence on global contingent workforce management. The factors that will be discussed are significant enough to commonly impact companies seeking to expand.


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