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Virtual Coaching Fosters Resilient Leaders 

Since the first office opened its doors, organizations have developed future leaders to stay competitive and adapt to change. But it’s only getting more challenging to do so as the pace increases and leaders are stretched thin. Today, 60% of all new managers fail within the first 24 months.1

As managers step up to take on leadership roles, it’s crucial they have the right support system in place to foster resiliency, conquer day-to-day issues and continue to excel within the business. RightCoach™ is an on-demand, virtual coaching solution that allows companies to take the burden off seasoned executives, support and develop leaders more effectively, and sometimes, on a much larger scale. 

Guided conversations instill resilience
Customized individual coaching is a proven method to increase resilience at work.2 Studies with U.S. Navy recruits illustrate this best—where half participated in a “guided conversation” during boot camp while the others were on their own. Those who had these guided conversations, or individual coaching, saw a 20% increase in resilience—the others saw a change of less than 1%.3

With RightCoach™, leaders can schedule on-demand 30- or 60-minute virtual sessions with executive coaches. No matter where a leader is or when advice is needed, a global network of experts is available within two hours of scheduling. Leaders can immediately receive answers and support, allowing them to build skills and competencies anywhere, anytime to be more effective in their roles. This virtual, on-demand approach to coaching individuals works especially well for those working from home or when in-person support is not readily available.

Development tools catered to young leaders
Millennials make up the largest percentage of the workforce in the U.S.4 and account for approximately one quarter of the world’s population.5 As more young people take on management roles, it’s important to cater leadership development programs to these generations.

RightCoach™ takes the personalized approach Millennials thrive on, like Netflix for entertainment or Amazon for shopping, to help them conquer day-to-day issues they’re facing as a leader. Already tech-savvy leaders can easily book video or chat sessions—all accessible via smartphone, desktop or tablets—and filter coaches by language, expertise, time zone and availability. They can bookmark their favorite coaches, or gain additional perspectives by working with multiple coaches on a common issue.

This global coaching platform makes it easier for organizations to extend consistent coaching to numerous leaders and professionals across different disciplines and dispersed locations.

A focus on constant learning
A culture of learnability, where employees are continuously learning new skills, also builds resiliency. Providing a wide range of opportunities for leaders to learn from others – within and outside their organization – will drive their ability to think differently and to improve problem solving.

RightCoach™ fosters constant learning by coaching individuals on a variety of topics that fall under three categories—Leading Oneself, Leading Others and Leading the Organization. The situations RightCoach™ covers, and the breadth of coaches, could keep your organization’s leaders learning and developing leader competencies well into retirement.

After each confidential coaching session, the participant is able to apply the tips and tools they learned to everyday situations they face on-the-job. For example,  creating team alignment for the first time, or preparing for a crucial conversation with a manager or peer. As leaders try the different approaches, they learn what works best for them and others they work with, improving their performance along the way.

Tackling burnout, virtually
One key issue leaders are facing now more than ever is burnout. Women especially are feeling maxed out, and this is even more prevalent among minority women and those who are single-parents.6 In order to retain leaders and encourage resiliency, organizations need to relieve this stress and encourage employee wellness.

The on-demand, convenient nature of RightCoach™ provides the perfect solution to alleviating stress in the workplace. Executive coaches are just a click away to help leaders tackle issues. This 24/7 support system is a big relief for leaders at any level. The short 30- or 60- minute virtual sessions do not come with the longer time commitment of many in person executive trainings, which can last multiple hours or even days. By keeping coaching short and focused on one specific topic, RightCoach™ ensures participants leave the session feeling empowered.

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