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Creating Agile Businesses Starts with a Coaching Culture

History is littered with high profile companies who failed to adapt quickly enough.1 It’s a cautionary tale for businesses today who are in a constant state of disruption. But for leaders who instill a coaching culture, the results can be much different.

Many corporate executives admit to unsuccessful change management initiatives due to poor leadership, planning and communications, but businesses with a strong coaching culture are twice as likely to be seen as high-performing.2 By creating a plan to support individuals with situational learning as soon as it’s needed – organizations can increase the likelihood for success by building organizational resilience, ensuring readiness, and strengthening accountability.

RightCoach™ is a virtual on-demand coaching solution that improves employee skills and adaptability around specific situations. Its global network of seasoned leadership coaches enables businesses to coach and develop a diverse group of employees at any time and in any location and language. It's an approach that also encourages those who experience coaching to become better coaches of their team members. 

Coaching that meets your team where they are
Companies with robust coaching cultures tend to have senior executives who are personally invested in their coaching programs.3 But busy leaders, especially those managing larger teams, often feel overwhelmed trying to coach to a diverse range of work styles and development needs. RightCoach™ offers support with short confidential sessions that span an array of topics in three areas – Leading Oneself, Leading Others and Leading the Organization. This provides a scalable way to ensure valuable skills development, which helps to build a coaching culture through increased access to coaching for all levels of the organization, and positively impacts employee retention.4 RightCoach™ also offers an affordable way to activate coaching for more individuals in the organization who are not in executive roles. This encourages a consistent coaching language in their everyday interactions and promotes a coaching culture throughout the business.

Help teams build resilience and readiness
Being resilient doesn’t mean eliminating stressful situations, but it does mean learning how to adapt to challenges as quickly as possible. RightCoach™ prepares individuals to handle a multitude of everyday management situations from helping team members adjust to "the new normal" to providing constructive feedback. Sessions can be personalized by specific need and available within two hours of scheduling.

Beyond pizza... what drives a coaching culture
Lunches with the team are always a welcome perk. But leaders need to bring more to the table to drive deep cultural change – and coaching is key. Chris Baer, VP of Leadership Development and Talent Experience at Marriott International, sees coaching culture as “key to exceptional results in today’s competitive business climate where change is constant.”5 Coaching, he says, drives an enterprise-wide collaborative mindset.

RightCoach™ supports that approach by helping leaders establish a common language that can drive faster decision-making. It also guides managers to use a more ‘ask vs tell’ communication style that values discussion over corporate mandates. 

Preparing the talent pipeline and future leaders
It’s tempting to think of talent management as a luxury to be set aside during times of crisis when businesses are focused on bigger issues like profitability and security. In reality, the need for employee development training and development has escalated with the recent global shift to remote work. Distance and lack of face-to-face interaction creates challenges but also opportunities.

Like many businesses, Verizon has seen increased stress levels with employees as they manage uncertainty and the transformation of work due to COVID-19. But their leaders realized that they needed to “grow a lot of new muscles quickly” to understand how to create online connections to support remote team members.

To empower their workforce, they embraced virtual coaching – adding a curriculum of development opportunities emphasizing particularly relevant skills such as patience and empathy.  RightCoach™ works with companies to help create these kinds of virtual learning opportunities for employees, encouraging a growth mindset to prepare them for not only what the company needs today but for what it will need tomorrow. 

Learn how RightCoach™ can help you support your organization’s coaching culture.


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