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6 Ways to Spring Clean Your Resume


6 Ways to Spring Clean Your Resume  

Spring cleaning applies to your work life as well as your home life. Now is a great time to dust off your resume and look for ways to update, upgrade and improve your resume content and format. Here are 6 ways to bring your resume new life.  

Tailor your resume for the digital age  

Digital tools can help tune up a resume for a digital format without any special coding or technical skills. Set yourself apart by breaking free of the format everyone else is using and taking advantage of online tools. Digital resume services can tune up a resume for a digital format without any special coding or technical skills.  

Use keywords 

Have you included the words that reflect specifically the skills and requirements they are looking for? Copy and paste any ad you intend to respond to into or These services identify and highlight the keywords that surface most frequently in the text. You can then simply sprinkle these words/phrases liberally throughout the resume. 

Edit and delete 

Your resume is both what you put in and what you leave out. Review your resume to delete unfocused career objectives, irrelevant job experiences, unprofessional email address and other additions that aren’t helpful to your end goals.  

Create a video-based visual resume  

This high-tech resume signals to prospective employers that you are comfortable with new technology. Producing a video doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor since many digital cameras on the market today can shoot good quality videos. Here are tips to shoot the best video-based visual resume using equipment that you already possess. 

Sync your resume with your LinkedIn profile  

Presenting a consistent professional image by synchronizing your resume and your LinkedIn profile. Many employers will check your social media profiles, which can include a much fuller picture of who you are professionally. By completing your LinkedIn profile to include your job history and samples of your work, you can show potential employers that you understand modern technology. 

Post your resume online  

Finally, make sure you are discoverable by uploading your resume to your personal website, to your LinkedIn profile, and to other sites such as job search websites where it can be found by potential employers.