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The Value of Regrouping After Job Loss

The impact of losing a job or being put on furlough can feel like a career slide. But at the same time, a pause and ability to see the wider landscape can help –– if approached with perspective. Here’s how to regroup and use a step back to leap forward.


Seek out coaching 

Research shows that customized individual coaching is a proven method to increase resilience at work. For example, studies of U.S. Navy recruits illustrate this best where half participated in coaching during boot camp. Those who had these individual coaching saw a 20% increase in resilience—the others saw a change of less than 1%. Seeking virtual coaching works especially well when in-person support is not possible.


Consider temporary and alternative model works 

Jobs may look different as the economy adjusts to swings in demand. Temporary jobs may be in greater supply –– and they can provide value in terms of paycheck, flexibility, building skills and creating a bridge to more permanent work. According to a ManpowerGroup survey, a growing number of people are opting for these part-time, contingent, contract, temporary, freelance, independent contractor, on-demand roles, and they offer an important source of career development when it is needed most. 


Step into new roles

Outside of paid work, there are other opportunities to volunteer and add expertise and knowledge. Use volunteering to try something new, perhaps a career you always wanted to explore. You may find it as exciting as you dreamed, or it may lack the fulfillment you envisioned. Follow your passion – when you are giving back to something you believe, it is much easier to learn new skills to put to use in the future. 


Join industry associations 

The best industry associations offer many practical benefits including certification, virtual conferences, webinars, networking and job boards. Industry associations often commission industry research, so members can keep up with trends that are likely to shape the industry. All these benefits are important to anyone looking for a job. Look into joining a recognized industry association to stay current with your job skills. 

Today, the rapidly changing workforce requires adaptability and resiliency. If you find yourself at a crossroads, use this pause in your career to springboard yourself to success.