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How Businesses Can Boost Their Brand to Attract Candidates

To find the right qualified candidates, a business not only needs attractive incentives like salary, benefits, advancement opportunities but also a successful outreach and engagement strategy. 

Businesses may think of a brand as the face of the organization to a consumer. But increasingly, it’s important to present a distinct brand that appears to job seekers as well. That requires the same type of methods a brand uses to appeal to its target audience.  

There are ways for businesses to cut through the noise to reach hard-to-find qualified candidates. As part of ManpowerGroup Solutions’ Global Candidate Preferences Research, Siri, Find Me A New Job provides insights into these very questions, helping employers more effectively attract and retain the best candidates using the following tactics:  

Advertise on social media  

If you advertise to job candidates on social media, you are ahead of the curve. Nearly one-third of global candidates have clicked on a job-related social media ad. The high rate of engagement with social media ads suggests even passive candidates can be lured to click on targeted job advertisements even when they might not actively be looking for new employment. 

Diversify channels 

There is no single technology solution. Often the best technology strategy is to employ a variety of tools and solutions, which can also vary from market to market. For example, text messaging may be restricted in one market and not in another. Cultural norms and restrictions may play into the choice of WhatsApp or Viber in a given market. Test and refine the tool mix for best results. 

Don’t forget the personal touch  

Human contact will always be an important part of the candidate experience. Attracting and retaining the right talent should not be a battle between human and robot. Candidates everywhere still place high importance on human interaction and in-person interviews. When asked what technologies they preferred to use during the candidate experience, 26% of candidates selected in-person interviews as their number one preference.  

Know your audience  

Many HR executives are lured by the shiny object. If your company wants young, new talent, then invest in technology. But if you want experienced hires, then consider all the options. Match the right technology to the candidates you need, which may even vary by roles in a given company. Social media ads, for example, can reach passive and/or experienced candidates otherwise not on a recruiter’s radar.  

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