Closing the Technology Gender Gap

Closing the Technology Gender Gap

Recent research from ManpowerGroup’s Talent Shortage Survey confirms what many organizations already know – the talent shortage is more acute than it has been in decades. 

According to the survey, 45% percent of global employers say they can’t find the skills they need, and for large organizations (250+ employees) it’s even higher, with 67% reporting talent shortages in 2018. 

Addressing the talent shortage takes a multi-pronged approach. One of the key strategies is ensuring that women are empowered to have the same opportunities. 

The cultural changes that help women advance in the tech industry should start in-house. According to a Right Management survey, 82% of today’s employees would be more engaged in their work if managers conducted meaningful career conversations on a regular basis. Career coaching conversations focus on: How will I develop? How do I fit? What’s next? 

Women can leverage these kinds of proactive career conversations to address their individual needs, articulate their value, and advance their careers. Employers could use these conversations to better understand their employees and align their strengths with what the organization needs.

As world of work experts, ManpowerGroup works with more than 200 organizations to consult on what can be done to close the gap faster. We’re committed to provide practical recommendations that will help organizations reach the tipping point and move closer to Conscious Inclusion. As a result, organizations such as the Australian Defense Force are finding ways to create equal opportunity for everyone.

ManpowerGroup recently affirmed promoting gender equality as one of the four core initiatives that align with the UN’s 17 sustainable development global goals. Focusing on an organization’s strengths is the first step in working to change the world. 

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