How to Use the Holidays to Job Search

How to Use the Holidays to Job Search

Hiring is a process that continues throughout the year, and job seekers can take steps to set themselves up for getting new work even as seasonal holidays fill up calendars. Here are ways to continue the job search during the busy holiday season.

Review your resume

It’s approaching the end of the year, which means it might be time to re-calculate the years of experience you have on your resume. While you’re at it, give your resume a full review to see if there are new responsibilities in your role that should be added.

Draft emails

The holidays often mean a slew of out-of-office replies, which can feel demoralizing to someone seeking work. Instead of filling up inboxes of hiring managers, use the time to draft emails that are ready to send when the time is right. Wait a few days after a holiday, then send at a receptive time. This gives you the added time to look over your email with fresh eyes for typos and content before you send to important recipients.

Take a step back to evaluate

A job search can be all consuming, even during down time. But it’s healthy to fully take a break and recharge. During get-togethers with close friends and family, reflect on your priorities and what you want out of work. It could be more responsibilities, or it might be more flexibility. Evaluate what you really want.

Take a temporary job

Look beyond the full-time permanent roles. In some sectors, hiring ramps up for the holiday season for short-term jobs. Taking a temporary job for seasonal help may provide an in to a company, or an end in itself. Today, nearly 9 in 10 workers are open to NextGen work – part-time, contingent, contract, freelance or temporary. As the next workforce becomes more mobile, both workers and organizations can turn to flexible employment opportunities like temporary jobs.

The holidays are a time to give and get, and that should apply to your career as well. What would be the ultimate present for you? Prepare and take steps during the holiday season, and you may find the best gift you could ask for.

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